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  • Do you want to learn HOW TO:


    • Implement regular, consistent eating patterns?
    • Reconnect to hunger and fullness?
    • Feel in control around food?
    • Reduce anxiety, guilt, and shame?
    • Overcome all-or-nothing thinking?
    • Shift your mindset to approach nutrition and health in a more realistic, sustainable, & flexible way?
    • Find true well-being?
    • Eat with ease?
    • END the restrict-binge cycle for good?


    You deserve to feel seen, heard, supported, and understood.


    What is it costing you to consistently struggle with food, nutrition, and your health?


    Where will you be in the next years ahead if you don't do anything about your current behaviors?

Do you want to learn about the psychology of food and the why behind your eating behaviors & habits?


Interested in evidence-based solutions to guide you toward a healthier relationship with food?


Do you want to finally end the binge-restrict cycle? 


This is the class that will support you toward long-term change. 


What is the #1 cause of a slow metabolism?


A calorie restriction. 



This is Erin's story in her own words…


"I have had quite the history with dieting and literally did everything imaginable until I ultimately developed severely disordered eating and it was becoming very unhealthy…


So, about 2 months ago, I started to work with Lauren Dorman, who is a Registered Dietitian. She has been supporting me with the mental-emotional component that was missing from everything else...


Lauren has a great way of making you feel comfortable and at ease when talking to her…


She does not focus on calorie counting or tracking—and it’s not a diet, but rather you’re working on your relationship with food. And I can tell you this…


It has been the best decision I have made for myself, my family, and my life."

Break Your Cycle Bundle

  • Use code: CONFIDENT for $10 off.


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