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Have you hit diet rock bottom?

Have you attempted many diets to lose weight and felt like a failure?

Are you tired of checking the scale and allowing it to set your mood for the day?

Are you constantly thinking or worrying about food?

Do you eat what you think you should eat and unsure what you even like anymore?

Are you eating to comfort, distract, or numb?

Are you ignoring your hunger signals?

If you are not following a meal or diet plan, do you get overwhelmed with food choices?

Are you feeling stuck, frustrated, and discouraged, but know that you can’t go on another diet?

If you answered YES to any of the above you would greatly benefit working with me as your Nutrition Therapy and Behavior Registered Dietitian Coach

“I believe that your mental health is crucial to improving physical health.  The reason is mindset.  If you are in a bad relationship with self such as anxiety and depression, you will have less desire to make consistent changes to your health behaviors.”

3 Reasons to STOP DIETING

It’s never been about willpower, self-control, or discipline. The diet is there to make money off your insecurities and lie to you it’s a famine or starvation. Your bodies desires to be fed regularly throughout the day. 


The diet was created and designed to fail you. You never failed. The diet industry needs you to think you failed so you keep paying again. The term “emotional eating” was created to make the person feel shameful around food, and therefore repeat the dieting cycle. Eating is an emotional experience. 


The diet industry does not want you to know about the side effects such as fatigue, anxiety. Irritability. Thoughts of food. Increased cravings, binges- biological response to a famine/diet, slower metabolism, digestive issues, irregular Periods, low self-esteem confidence and self-worth. Food obsession. Loss of hunger and fullness cues. Thinking you’re the one addicted to food or you can’t stay keep things around the house.

When doctors “prescribe” a diet or weight loss program, they fail to tell you they’re prescribing something with a 95% failure rate that has been found repeatedly to create even more problems than it claims to fix.  Could you imagine if doctors prescribed medications that worked 5% of the time?

How has dieting interfered with your life? 

“I totally understand the desire to diet and lose weight.  However, you should know statistically, the most predictable long-term outcome of dieting is weight gain.”

Do you need support with your relationship with food, body, yo-yo cycle, feelings of guilt, shame, and hangry feelings?

I am here to guide      support      empower      and equip        you with the tools necessary to promote positive behavior changes and habits. You will learn and unlearn so much. ​

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Where have all those diets gotten you today?  Where do you want to be in months from now?

What our clients are saying...

“I walk down the chip aisle and they don’t call my name anymore, I used to eat almost the whole bag of chips in the car leaving the supermarket”
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Fitness Ladies

What will I be learning during group or individual sessions?

I will help you pursue health without dieting using self-care strategies and mindset shifts.  Learn to simplify nutrition so you can live your best life.

  • Review current food behaviors, habits, intake, and beliefs

  • Intro to the myths and facts about nutrition and health

  • Why to reject the diet mentality and food police 

  • Simplified meal and snack planning for balance, variety, and satisfaction

  • Tuning into hunger, fullness, self-awareness

  • Understanding food morality.

  • Body respect and compassion

  • Coping with your emotions 

  • Joyful movement 

  • Health behaviors

  • Wins and challenges

  • Explore how to break through barriers to change

  • Mindset shifts and reframing of thoughts

  • Develop strategies to meet future intentions

  • Realistic expectations

**One on one sessions are based on your specific needs and are individualized. **

“Finally, a dietitian who “gets it.” Lauren is going to hear, see, and value you without judgement.  She focuses on emotions, healing, and long-term health."
“I feel so incredibly lucky to have found Lauren! After 40+ years of dieting I reached a point where I literally didn’t know which end was up in how to even eat any food anymore. Lauren helped me cancel out years of feeling miserable and restricted and taught me about how unhealthy dieting and diet culture truly is. I was able to start feeling like I have a normal, healthy relationship with my hunger and food in general. I no longer feel like binging at any time. She has truly been a lifesaver and I highly recommend her to anyone who is feeling like there just has to be a better way! Thank you, Lauren!"

Podcasts that have been most helpful for my clients at the very start.

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