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“Raising the next generation

with food & body confidence”

Think about what kids learn when they hear us say:

“I can’t eat that, I’m on a diet.”

“I’m upset I gained weight this weekend.”

“Wow, she put on some weight.”

“No, thank you I am avoiding carbs.”

Get this away from me, I can’t stop eating.”

“It’s my cheat day.”

“Are you sure you want more?”

“That’s enough junk food!”

“How could you still be hungry?”

Children internalize these messages, and their body trust is broken.  You are a good parent even if you have said some or all these before, we are ingrained in our culture to believe that they are true.  You as the parent can now unlearn to give your child a lifelong healthy relationship with food, body, and mind.

Young Foodie
  • Does your child appear to be out of control around food? 

  • Does your child eat out of emotion or boredom? 

  • Does your child restrict certain food groups that they are not allergic to? 

  • Does your child label foods “good” and “bad”, “junk” or “healthy”                  (ie, an all-or-nothing mindset around food)? 

  • Does your child think a “diet” sounds like a good idea? 

  • Is your child listening to nutrition advice given on social media? 

  • Does your child sneak foods and feel guilt and shame? 

  • Does your child feel uncomfortable and self-conscious in his/her body? 

  • Is your child restricting or binging? 

  • Do you struggle with meal and snack times with selective eaters?

 If you answered YES to any of the above,

you will greatly benefit working with me as your Registered Dietitian coach, specializing in nutrition therapy and behavior modifications.

Many pediatricians and therapists refer their patients to me.  I provide nutrition therapy and it is a journey not a fad or quick fix approach like many other “plans” and unqualified “nutritionists” will sell you out there. There is harmful and poor advice about nutrition everywhere you look in society.  I am sorry if you had a bad experience in your past.

I strongly believe that a child should NEVER start a diet. Diets are created to fail us, because the biology of the body does not want to be restricted. The stress of dieting (restricting) can sabotage your child’s health by affecting their digestive system, hormones, and mental health. Food is not the enemy. It is not about the food. It is about the diet mentality and thoughts you and your child have about the food. A good nutrition practice will never require you to cut out food groups. Within the first few weeks of working with me, I have seen the positive impact in my clients’ lives. My passion is to improve you and your child’s mental, emotional, and physical health.  I will guide your family toward balance, variety, flexibility, and consistency with health behaviors.

“You can tell your pediatrician to not talk about your child’s weight in front of them.”

What will we be learning during our sessions?

Sessions are based on your specific needs and are individualized. 

  • Review current food behaviors, habits, intake, and beliefs

  • Intro to the myths and facts about nutrition and health

  • Why to reject the diet mentality and food police 

  • Simplified meal and snack planning for balance, variety, and satisfaction

  • Tuning into hunger, fullness, self-awareness

  • Understanding food morality

  • Misinformation on social media

  • Body respect and compassion

  • Coping with your emotions 

  • Joyful movement 

  • Health behaviors

  • Wins and challenges

  • Explore how to break through barriers to change

  • Mindset shifts and reframing of thoughts

  • Develop strategies to meet future intentions

  • Realistic expectations

“During the pandemic, being on social media to stay connected to friends and only seeing what is filtered, influenced my daughter to the point of mental exhaustion. She was in a constant battle with herself on how she felt versus how she felt she should look. Despite open communication and honest conversations with her, it was evident that there was too much information to process and even less for her to control. The only thing that my daughter could control was her diet. Enter Lauren, an old colleague and nutrition professional, that I trusted to provide the guidance to my daughter to help with shattering false images. In the time spent with Lauren, she received tools to make educated decisions regarding her nutrition and to learn how to read her own body’s cues. As a family, we learned how much influence our decisions had on each other and how to foster a more positive environment. Thank you to Lauren for all she has done. We would highly recommend her services.”
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