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Nine to Nourished Guidebook 

 Learn the 9 core ingredients to refuel and recharge your relationship with food, body, and mind.

You have worked really hard in the last 5, 10, 15, 25 + years to support your health and well-being goals. 


You followed 21 diets, 11 different wellness products, 245 recipes and meal plans, 12 workout routines, 21 books, 537 podcasts, 3 nutritionists, 88 “cheat” days, 2 personal trainers, and 1 weight loss coach. 


You felt energetic, strong, confident and capable at certain times. 


You wanted to be and stay consistent. 


You invested a lot of time, energy, and focus.


Then the thoughts…


“I am successful in so many areas in my life, I don't get what's going on here with my feelings around food and the scale"?


"Why do I always think about food all day long"?


“I feel so distracted from life- kids, family, partner, friends.”


“I often throw in the towel when I don’t see a successful outcome.”


What I realized is that all of those things don't work long-term.


If you actually want more clarity and crave to feel confident, calm, and in control around food + body + mind, it really comes down to 9 simple KEY ingredients and this is the (root level) solution. 


You're then able to take execute and take action. 

Curious to learn more about The Nourish to Flourish Experience?

20 possible outcomes of working together

Which ones would you want for your life?

1.      “I have so much less stress around food”

2.      I do not think about food all the time”

3. “I am finally understanding how to increase variety at meals and snacks with adequate, satisfying amounts”

4.      “I am so much kinder and compassionate to myself

”5.      “I sit down and mindfully eat most meals/snacks and I notice I am not mindlessly snacking anymore”

6.      “I have much less cravings and no binges”

7.      “The scale does not dictate my mood for the day “

8.      “I move my body because it’s my time for self-care, emotional, and physical health”

9.      “I put myself first now”

10.     “I began to realize how my black and white thinking around food contributed to my cycle of dieting over the years. I have so much less guilt with food”

11.     “I am not labeling food as good or bad”

12.     “I was able to leave food on my plate when I felt satisfied and that never happened to me before”

13.     “I didn’t want ice cream for the first time in years because I knew I could have it. It’s amazing how my brain is rewired after 9 months of sessions”

14.     “There are 4 bags of chips in my house that are not calling my name all because of the work we did to habituate, the chips do not hold so much power over me anymore. I gave the power to myself”

15.     “I feel better mentally and physically. I have more energy and confidence”

16.     “I have found new ways to cope with my emotions. When I do not feel a physical hunger. I no longer go to food when I’m stressed, sad, angry, or bored. I have learned there are so many other ways to soothe these emotions”

17.     My diabetes A1c level improved greatly from 9 to 7.4 percent in 3 months with including ALL foods. No restrictions. I am so thankful to have this guidance”

18.     “I am less irritable, less anxious and feeling calmer in my day knowing why and how to nourish my body with a variety of all foods”

19.     “I have undone 20 years of food related trauma in the last year. Without the constant stress of restrictions and dieting I can finally focus on what’s important in my life”

20.     “Lauren focuses on your relationship with food and body, and I can tell you this has been the best decision for myself”


Diets are the problem....
You deserve the solution

What would it mean for your life if you....

Never had to rely on another diet again.

Healthy Food

Discover Don't Diet

Don’t Diet Dietitian program is unique, and I am not your average dietitian as I focus in on the emotional and mental component missing from many other programs you may have done in your past.  I am compassionate to your needs and non-judgmental.  You will learn how to become more self-aware with your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  I help guide and support you towards a better relationship with food, body, and self.  You will learn sustainable and realistic behaviors unlike any fad or short-term diet.  My goal with each client is to make them feel their best without restricting food categories.  I work on the whole person physical, emotional, and mental. 

My focus is shifting from a diet restriction mindset that society teaches, I must debunk a lot of the myths about nutrition, weight, and health. A journey where you never fail but instead learn a self-care approach.  There is progress, never perfection, as you begin to realize the “why” behind your food decisions.  My client outcomes are wonderful as you truly feel empowered from within to set the intentions needed to improve your health!  I want to impact those who need help with their relationship with food, body, and self. 

“You can’t change the way you take care of yourself until you change the way you talk to yourself.”

Thank you for being here!


I am Lauren Dorman, a Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Therapist and

owner of Don’t Diet Dietitian, a virtual and in-person private practice for:

  1. Adults who have dieted most their lives and want to be done with the binge-restrict cycle

  2. Children and teens with disordered eating, eating disorders, and poor body image

  3. Families that want to learn how to increase variety for selective eaters

  4. Diabetes and cholesterol management

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My consultations/coaching specialties include:

Chronic Dieting

End the yo-yo cycle for good

Body Image therapy

and self esteem

Body respect and compassion

Disordered eating

Heal your relationship with food, body, and mind

Intuitive eating

The 10 principles of IE

Emotional eating

Coping with your emotions 

Diabetes and pre-diabetes. 

Improving glucose levels

without any restrictions!


Speaker for schools,


and businesses

When you work with me there are:

No tracking apps

No measuring foods

No calorie counting

No guilt or shame after eating

No good food bad foods

No scales or focus on weight

No diet products

No before and after photos




TOP 10




1 / Statistically, the most predictable long-term outcome of dieting is weight gain.

2 / Diets were designed to fail you—you never failed any of them; the industry now has repeat customers!

3 / Diets decrease metabolism and increase fat storage.

4 /They increase food cravings and food obsession, often leading to binges.

5 / Dieting can cause irritability, anxiety, and depression, which all affect your mental health.

6 / Diets increase stress response in your body.

7 / The body’s physiology is such that it wants to be fed consistently with enough energy throughout the day.

8 /Dieting can result in feelings that promote a sense of failure or lack of willpower, causing body distrust.

9 / Diets are not built from a goal of empowerment and improved health; in fact, yo-yo dieting increases the risk of heart disease and premature death.

10 / Genes are largely responsible—about 70% for each individual’s set weight point range.

Check out our Client Testimonials

Here's what they have to say:

Raspberry and Various Nuts
“Thank you so much, Lauren, for guiding me to a new mindset with my food choices! Though we only worked together for a short time, you really helped me realize that the way I had been eating had been more about what I was “supposed” to eat, rather than choosing foods that I “wanted” to eat. You also taught me how to build my meals to have a balance of healthy foods, while at the same time including foods that I enjoy! I now understand the importance of listening to my body with respect to my eating habits. As a person who has dieted for many years, I feel that I have a new relationship with food. Thank you for all of your amazing support!!”
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